An Economic Policy Agenda For Mainstream Australia

Media release for a research brief I co-authored with Daniel WIld.

The 2019 election result was driven by mainstream Australians rejecting an agenda to fundamentally transform Australia. The government now has an opportunity to build and reinforce institutional bulwarks against the forces which undermine mainstream Australian values. To achieve this, public policy should seek to reinforce a community of stakeholders which underpin the success of mainstream Australia and secure the Australian way of life.

There are five key economic themes which underpin mainstream Australian values:

  • Home-ownership provides a stake in local communities and the country.
  • Work provides a stake in human dignity.
  • Enterprise provides a stake in the economy.
  • The payment of tax provides a stake in smaller government.
  • Control over retirement income provides a stake in the future.

The 2019 election demonstrates that policies which reflect the values of mainstream Australians are both popular and good for the national economy and society.

This parliamentary research brief outlines these five economic policy themes, and provides an analysis of the emerging “New Heartland”.

Download the IPA’s Parliamentary Research Brief here.